Sunday, April 20, 2008

Upgrading from Vista to XP

Well, I was going to, but apparently you can only do that if you have Windows Professional and I have Windows Home. Tragic.

I've got 2GB of RAM in this computer and despite this my programs are getting sketchier and sketchier in their execution by the day. Half-Life 2 is choppy on even the lowest settings; this is odd in that it's a 2004 game that even my old laptop could handle without fuss.

My guess is that this stems from one of the updates that Windows Updater seems unable to install. Update KB938194 failed to install last August and things have been getting weirder and weirder since then. Of course, with finals coming up, I'm not willing to mess around too much, as several of my friends have lost all their notes and course outlines lately and I'm in no mood to have the same happen to me.

Microsoft: You're 0-for-2 lately. You'd better pick up your game or I'm off for the world of Open Source.

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