Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hypocrisy - First Fisking for This Blog?

Apocalyptic cultist Laurie David recently gave a short interview to the Rocky Mountain News and...well, color me unimpressed. Laurie David was the producer for An Inconvenient Truth, the Jesus film of those who believe global warming is imminent, caused by mankind, and reversible.

Mrs. David proclaims that "the changes are going to come when these guys [the current administration] are still in office," i.e. the next year and a half. That's pretty soon. Look, I'm not convinced that this global warming is anything more than a cyclic variation, especially seeing as Mars is also getting warmer. To say this is merely natural is to say "cyclic variations for me, but not for thee." If anything, perhaps we should be more worried about another ice age here on Earth, as we're said to be overdue (and from Blockbuster and my local library I've very well acquainted with the badness that occurs when things are overdue).

Now, what if Mrs. David is right? Shouldn't we be pulling out all the stops? Mrs. David certainly isn't. When asked what she's doing, her response was basically that she reuses bags, drives a hybrid, and uses energy-efficient lightbulbs. She also apparently got a no-idling rule passed for her local Kiss & Ride. Perhaps she meditates each morning and lights incense as well, although the latter might actually be counterproductive to stopping global warming. There's no mention of using a bike instead of a car, of using solar or watermill power, or of hunting and gathering her own food, instead of buying them at the supermarket (with all the attendant fuel and refrigeration costs in getting them to that grocery store).

Meanwhile, you have Al Gore chartering planes to take him to his speaking engagement, where he receives as a speaking fee $100,000 ($125,000 Canadian), or $40-per-ticket. He couldn't take a train or drive a Prius?

Lastly, and contrary to Jimmy Akin, carbon offsets can be compared to the selling of indulgences in medieval Europe, at least in public perception. Given that the piece of paper does nothing, yet makes its recipients believe that they have done something good by simply spending money, the comparison does have some aptness. This whole environmentalism thing was just a belief system in the past, but with a deity (Gaia, who is unhappy and apparently impotent to stop change but omnipotent to punish us), written scriptures (Al Gore's Earth in the Balance), evangelism (An Inconvenient Truth), a prophet (Al Gore again), and a system of salvation (buy carbon-offset credits), environmentalism has finally become a religion. Watch for some isolated group in the mountains to still be practicing it two thousand years from now, like the Druze, Mandaeans, and Yazidi.

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TS said...

An Inconvenient Truth, the Jesus film of those who believe global warming is imminent...

Funny and literally true. I read recently that in one hotel they replaced the Gideon bibles with "An Inconvenient Truth"!