Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lord, Let It Be So!

This is encouraging. I'd love to see an Anglican uniate church, and TAC seems to have done everything they could to bring this about. Rome, the ball's in your court. Will you restore the English Church's place in Roman Catholicism or will you be hectored by intransigents still upset over the Battle of the Boyne and the English Reformation?


Anonymous said...

The Anglican Church rejected Rome and still rejects the authority of the Holy See. Moreover, the Anglican Church in effect denies that its bishops truly have authority over sacraments and morals.

The proof is in the pudding: No Anglican of note has been excommunicated on either side of the Atlantic in a hundred years. An Anglican bishop could masturbate during the eucharistic prayers and not be disciplined. There is no mechanism for discipline, no will to discipline, and no consequences for heresy and leading others astray.

HokiePundit said...

Sorry, I should have been more clear. TAC is the Traditional Anglican Communion, one of the Continuing Anglican churches not in communion with the See of Canterbury. The Anglican Communion (i.e. the Episcopal Church, the Church of England, etc.) has no desire to reunite with Rome, although there are several parishes and even a handful of dioceses that might be willing to make the jump.

What TAC has done is essentially declare that they believe that they've conformed themselves to Rome's doctrines (and will conform further if required) and seek reunification, but would like some sort of recognition of the historical status of the English Church (recognized as, among other things, the oldest particular church in the Gentile world).