Monday, April 16, 2007

April 16th, 2007

I live in Blacksburg, having gotten my BA from Virginia Tech in 2004 and my MAEd in 2006. For anyone reading this, please pray for the health of those in the hospital, the community, and for the souls of the victims (and the shooter).

I'm kind of shellshocked right now. I'll post some thoughts tomorrow, or maybe a few days from now.


Anonymous said...

Robert -

You may think it strange that I am posting this, but I am a middle-aged Midwestern suburban housewife who was a regular reader of your old Hokiepundit blog, which I found via links from Ben Domenech and Joshua Claybourne, whose blogs I also read. When this horrible news broke, the only connection I could make to Virginia Tech was your old blog, and how much you loved VT, so I was concerned for your well-being. Please know that those of us far from Virginia are all praying for those connected to your alma mater, and I myself am including prayers specifically for you.

TribalPundit said...

Thank you so much for the prayers; it means a lot to me that you're thinking of me and my school in this time, even though you only know me from my online scribblings. Please feel welcome here; this is meant to be something of a "sequel" to HokiePundit.